Tailored Services

Business Review

Review the business structure.

Review the tools used to run the business.

Review the people and their potential.

Determine what is necessary to get you where you want to go.

Strategic Planning

Creating the Vision.

Market Analysis.

Strategic mapping.

Action and implementation planning.

Goal setting and measurement.

Communication and roll out.

Risk Management

Operational Efficiency

Operational process review.

Process mapping.

Work booking and planning.

Resource management.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) measurements.

Stock rotation and inventory management

Business & Finance Planning

Business Plan documentation.

Budgeting tool creation.

Profit and Loss.

Cashflow forecasting.

Asset registers.

Procurement and purchasing.

People and Culture

Coaching and Mentoring.

Change Management.

Safety and Risk Management.

Quality Management.

Integrated Management Services.

Right sizing.

Succession Planning.

Performance reviews and Personal Development planning.

Customer Engagement

Customer Surveys.

Customer Experience and Journey Mapping.

Customer Loyalty measurement (Net Promoter Scoring and Loyalty Indexing).

How it Works

Fixed Term Assignments

You have a set piece of work that needs doing and we agree how long that will take to complete.

Part Time Exec

You have a need for a senior team member and are not ready to recruit full time. We agree a period of time, say one day per week for a number of months, say 12 months. This is flexible and can be more or less time depending on your needs and budget.

Fee for Service

Hourly rate as prescribed for the tasks.

Again this can be flexible.