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From Tradie to Boardroom

 Leigh Risbey - Exec On Call is founded on the practical application of skills, knowledge and experience.  I have built my career on tailoring and applying what I learn coupled with practical experiences to create solutions that are relevant and applicable. 

Following a hands on trade career I took a conscious decision to enter the world of Administration and Management.  I have led large and small, diverse and geographically dispersed teams and experienced the joy and tribulations of growth and contraction of businesses.  Having served as a member of the Executive Team of a large business, as Service Director, and a Sales Director, I then decided to change countries and create a strategy and implement product introduction projects to disrupt stagnant markets.  The strong desire to remain in Australia, inspired me to join an organisation at its peak and manage the right sizing of an overweight costly operations resulting in some impressive savings and improved safety performance.

Having worked with corporates for a while I took the decision to work with smaller organisations and with great effect put into practice the relevant experiences I have acquired.  I continuously develop my knowledge and skills and I am a trained and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and uniquely qualified to deliver the help businesses need in these trying and changing economic times.

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Help is available to set the foundations for the success and sustainability of your business - use the experiences of others to accelerate and learn in a practical and relevant way to you.



Marilyn Godfrey


"Leigh has an amazing gift for developing a global strategy that really will work while maintaining the integrity of his various teams. He sometimes appears quiet and a little reserved and this has simply proved to be when he is at his most valuable to the company and staff. - He is carefully sifting the real evidence before making a decision! Everyone I have met who has worked with Leigh emphasises his ability to work WITH people to gain outstanding results even when the market forces indicate it can't be done."



Peter Dwyer


"Leigh is an absolute gentleman, his business acumen and demeanour are of the highest standing. At a professional level everything he does is with vision, direction and in line with his great values."



Gina Clayton


"As a confident and experienced General Manager, Leigh brings professionalism, a steady hand and strong leadership to business. With an inherent respect for others, he empowers people to participate in shaping the organisational culture and strategy of the business and assists them to manage their teams accordingly. Leigh can work with you and your team in a sensible and practical manner, to assist you to build or reshape your business strategy. Leigh is an excellent mentor who could partner with you to develop the leadership, financial management and personal competencies of managers as needed. Alternatively, if you require a locum General Manager to step in and steer the ship for an interim period, Leigh can be trusted to do an excellent job for you."

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